Kaeng Krachan National Park Tour Destinatiom

With the large area of forests, camping and trekking are also popular activities here. The highest peak called Panerntung is the spot of the most picturesque scene which is the sea of fog during rainy and winter season. Kaeng Krachan National Park is also famous for its natural diversity and beautiful waterfalls. Visitors can enjoy seeing rare type of birds and millions of butterflies during summer.

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Spanning altitudes ranging from 300 to 1,513m, Kaeng Krachan hosts a diversity of vegetation and is home to a rich bird fauna. Over 400 species are recorded, including the rare Ratchet-tailed treepie, found nowhere else in Thailand. Yellow-vented and White-bellied Pigeons, Grey Peacock Pheasant, six species of hornbill and seven kinds of broadbill are also present.

Kaeng Krachan Bird List