Khao Luang National Park Tour Destination

The park features a winding mountain range home to Southern Thailand’s tallest peak, Khao Luang, at 1,835 metres above sea level and is the source of more than 15 water streams and rivers. Lush and unspoiled, the park is a rainforest that features a multitude of tropical flora and fauna as well as rare plants and wild animals. Nature lovers will enjoy trekking along several routes to discover the exotic beauty of the tropical rainforest as well as aware of the importance of the park.

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An intense day's birding here in the spring will often produce sixty to seventy forest species including Pittas, Trogons, Forktails, Kingfishers and Babblers. Add to that the enigmatic Rail-Babbler and the Great Argus and you've had a great day's birding.

Khao Luang National Park Bird List

Pa Yearb Mek is up1600 m Yord Phar Mee . It belongs to the Aiy Kiew waterfall area. The most beautiful way which is both hard and fun at  the same time because you have to go under , over, crawl, climb.

The Khao Luang Peak the highest of the peak in southern Thailand. The parks tropical evergreen rain forest is home to a multitude of tropical flora and fauna. We trek up to the peak.

Route : Yord Prom Lok 1,631 m. - Tup ga wa-  Nar park monk korn – Prom Lok waterfall. Yord Prom Lok is in Ampur Prom Ki Ri. Yord Prom Lok height about 1,631 , over sea level. It is beautiful and full of ancient green forest the whole year.

Program Khao Luang : Pa Yearp Mek – Nern Lom Fon 4 days 3 nights * Most beautiful* Route : Pa Yearp Mek, Khao Pha Mee (1600 m.), Nern Lom Fon, Hnarn Ra Fa