Multi-Day Trips

Multi-day trips, especially those in remote areas, offer unique challenges and rewards. The key to a successful multi-day trip is good prior planning.

Available Tour Programs :

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price/Person: 13,900 ฿

Phang Nga Bay is a popular destination. No two days here could be the same due to tide levels and the weather in the different seasons, unpredictable movements of wildlife, meaning that your Phang Nga Trip will be different from that experienced by others.

Thale Noi - Patthalung is a swamp area, one of the largest freshwater lakes in southern Thailand, classified as a 'Non-Hunting Area' and protected by the Department of Forestry.

Thalae Noi Birdlist

This magnificent national park, is within reasonable proximity to the popular tourist destination of Phuket. The park is surrounded by green mountains with abundant and protected wildlife. Our Trip to Khao Sok National Park will give you the opportunity to view lakes, waterfalls and jungle life, literally in the middle of nowhere.

Khao Sok Bird List

The Khao Luang Peak the highest of the peak in southern Thailand. The parks tropical evergreen rain forest is home to a multitude of tropical flora and fauna. We trek up to the peak.

Route : Yord Prom Lok 1,631 m. - Tup ga wa-  Nar park monk korn – Prom Lok waterfall. Yord Prom Lok is in Ampur Prom Ki Ri. Yord Prom Lok height about 1,631 , over sea level. It is beautiful and full of ancient green forest the whole year.