Khao Luang National Park  located in the Southern Peninsular province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat. The  evergreen  and montane forest provide some of the best montane birds habitats in the country and many species found in Khao Luang national park are rare residents and found only in Southern Thailand. The park is set within the Nakhon Sri Thammarat mountain range providing a variety of wildlife habitat types in relation to elevation.

The park has the tallest point in Southern Thailand, Khao Luang it stand 1835m. high,with cool  temperatures, as low as 5C, and tree species such as Oaks and Rhododendrons. At the lower elevations, there is high rainfall, humid climate and plants such as Dipterocarpacae, Leguminosae, Plam and Ficus species, Mosses, Ferns and Climbing vines. Of the park”s tourist spots,Krung Ching waterfall is known to be the best birding  location .Most species at Khao Luang are resident, so good bird watching is available all  year round.

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